Re: CSS1 attribute addition proposal: bg-transparency

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>I am new to this list, and new to CSS style sheets, but I have been studying
>the spec intently for the last couple of weeks, and for my purposes I can
>find really only one thing missing that would be really useful:


>Value: number | percentage
>Initial: 0
>Applies to: all elements
>Inherited: yes
>Percentage values: refer to background's opacity
>This property describes a degree of transparency for the element. It
>from the 'background: transparent' attribute in that it allows for a
>background color or image to be specificed and determins the opacity of that
>background in regards to elements behind it.
>Values range from 0-255, or 0% to 100%, with 0 meaning not transparent at
>(that is, completely opaque), and 255 or 100% meaning fully transparent
>(equivilant to background: transparent).
>  BODY ( background: "pattern.gif")
>  THEAD ( background: red; bg-transparency: 75% ) 
>In the above example, the red background of the table header would be just
>visable with the pattern in the background showing through.

Sounds good to me. Probably not that easy to implement by browser vendors.
How long did we wait for transparency in programs like CorelDraw. I don`t
think this will appear in NN or MSIE in the near future. But go ahead, it
doesn`t interfere with anything else in CSS1, as far as I understand.

Marc Kersten
Berlin (Germany)

Received on Friday, 22 March 1996 17:24:27 UTC