Scott Preece wrote:
> SPACER allows you to do things that are inappropriate for stylesheet
> representation, like line-by-line control of inter-line spacing in an
> e.e. cummings poem and line-by-line indentation control in source code
> listings.  So, I think it's useful with or without stylesheets.
> Stylesheet control is clearly much more appropriate for generic control
> of spacing (line controlling the inter-line spacing in text).

Exactly. Please tell me why one would want to use a style sheet just to
add some eccentric spacing to a poem or to control image placement.

I might suggest, though, that SPACER could have been dealt with in the
IMG tag, using SOURCE="0" and specifying width and height for this
"ghost image," which is all anyone does with one-dot transparent gifs.
Is there a reason this couldn't be done?

Gayle Kidder

Received on Tuesday, 2 July 1996 11:54:40 UTC