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[Doug Rand:]

| This is exactly the problem,  what *would* you do?  The fundamental
| choice is between CSS and DSSSL.  DSSSL-O at least appears to be a 
| proper subset of DSSSL,  if it isn't,  then that is a serious error.

Dsssl-o is indeed a proper subset of DSSSL.  There is a good summary
of the differences between the two at the beginning of [1].
Basically, dsssl-o includes the core query language, the core
expression language (a subset of Scheme), and the following flow
object classes (the numbers refer to sections in the DSSSL standard

   Basic flow object classes

      12.6.1  Sequence
      12.6.2  Display group
      12.6.6  Paragraph
      12.6.7  Paragraph break
      12.6.8  Line field
      12.6.9  Sideline
      12.6.11 Character
      12.6.12 Leader
      12.6.14 Rule
      12.6.15 External graphic
      12.6.17 Score
      12.6.18 Box
      12.6.22 Alignment point
      12.6.23 Aligned column

   Simple page flow object class

      12.6.3  Simple page sequence

   Table flow object classes  Table  Table part  Table column  Table row  Table cell  Table border

   Online display flow object classes  Vertical scroll  Multi-mode  Link  Marginalia

These are the flow object classes that a conforming dsssl-o
application *must* support.  It may in addition support any or all of
the other features and flow object classes in the full DSSSL
specification, including:

The full query language, which allows arbitrarily complex queries on
arbitrarily complex generic SGML databases

The full expression language, which allows you to define your own

The transformation language, which allows nearly unlimited structural
transformations on generic SGML documents

The ability to define your own flow object classes and characteristics

The following predefined flow object classes:

   Complex typography flow object classes

      12.6.4  Page sequence
      12.6.5  Column set sequence
      12.6.10 Anchor
      12.6.16 Included container
      12.6.19 Side-by-side
      12.6.20 Side-by-side item

   Bidirectional flow object class

      12.6.13 Embedded text

   Asian language flow object classes

      12.6.21 Glyph annotation
      12.6.24 Multi-line inline note
      12.6.25 Emphasizing mark

   Mathematics flow object classes  Math sequence  Unmath  Subscript  Superscript  Script  Mark  Fence  Fraction  Radical Math operator Grid Grid-cell



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