Re: 'legal' / 'important' and cascading order

   From: (Wolfgang Rieger)

| On Thu, 25 Apr 1996 15:23:06 +0200, you wrote:
| >..., though it's probably overkill (I suspect 99% of style
| >sheet use will have simple selectors (all heads) and only one rule per
| >element).
| Have a look at the style sheet for HTML in the draft. There you have
| indeed mostly simple selectors, but quite often more than one rule per
| element (e.g. for H1).

Well, yes and no.  While there are multiple rules there for H1, they're
really all one rule, broken up for notational convenience.  A smart UA
would presumably put them together into one rule.

Let me re-phrase what I said: I suspect 99% of the property
specifications in stylesheets will be retrievable by head-only searches
with no dis-ambiguation necessary.

I further suspect that if it becomes common to specify a standard
stylesheet plus author modifications, it will still be possible for a UA
to merge the stylesheets so that 99% of the property specifications are
retrievable by head-only searches with no disambiguation necessary.

Of course, we won't be able to test those suspicions for some time...


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