Linking to style sheets (was Re: fwd:Fonts)

Bert Bos once wrote...
> Of these, CLASS is the one that is important, since it allows people
> to create new elements at will, without it having any effect on
> applications that don't know the new element. For example, I can add
> by using <TEXT CLASS=CITY>, <TEXT CLASS=PERSON>, etc. Some
> applications would do special things with this information, others
> would simply recognize it as legal HTML but subsequently ignore it.
> A browser that supported style sheets could be instructed to render
> this info in a certain way:
> 	TEXT[CLASS=CITY]: text.color = green
> 	TEXT[CLASS=PERSON]: = small-caps
> 	etc.

Ummm... I think I am missing something.  Is this how classes are to be
defined, or was this just an conceptual example?  In the style sheet, how
do I make a new class:

<HEAD><TITLE>Class example</TITLE>
H1: color.text = #00C;
H1[CLASS=RED]: color.text = #C00;
<H1>This is a blue header</H1>
<H1 CLASS=RED>This is a red header</H1>

This didn't work, in Arena 0.97g or 0.96s.  Both headers were blue.

I'm also having a problem understanding how to link to a style sheet.

<HEAD><TITLE>Class example</TITLE>
<LINK REL=StyleSheet HREF="style.sheet">
<H1>This is a blue header</H1>
<H1 CLASS=RED>This is a red header</H1>

In Arena 0.97g, the status message indicates it is applying the style
sheet, but no styles take effect.  Arena 0.96s says nothing about applying
styles, and no styles take effect.  Where am I confused?

Arena 0.97g also doesn't catch on to text.background style attributes, but
0.96s does.

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