RE: my notes on our group discussion today on RDF Query via XQuery, in WWW-2003 BOF on RDF Query&Rules

> > So, syntax is 
> > bad if used as a replacement for its other missing 
> > theoretical counterparts. 
> > Otherwhise, it is just a convenient way to express semantics. 
> Precisely. And I was of course at the disadvantage of not having
> been present during the BOF and other discussions, but privious
> proposals that I've seen regarding using XQuery for RDF have
> amounted to operating directly on the RDF/XML.
> So I got (apparently needlessly) concerned.

Patrick, I'm glad we are both on the same line. In fact, as you say, so far
previous proposals didn't mention models at all (and, kinda stressed the 
"syntax" component.... even in the title...!;)
They were probably giving the model correspondance as implicit, but yes,
there's the need to be clear it's all about models after all.
And, I hope some people will find this challenging and 
entertaining enough to start considering this hybrid approach to RDF-Query :)

So, both on the semantic side, with syntax as our fork! ;)

Received on Tuesday, 27 May 2003 09:16:09 UTC