Re: my notes on our group discussion today on RDF Query via XQuery, in WWW-2003 BOF on RDF Query&Rules

On Thu, May 22, 2003 at 08:21:19AM -0400, Benjamin Grosof wrote:
> % notes from WWW-2003 BOF discussion on relating RDF-Query to XQuery
> % by Benjamin Grosof 5/22/03
> Here are the notes I took.  Not "official", please post 
> corrections/additions to the www-rdf-rules list.

thank you kindly for the notes.
here are the attendees:
Eric Prud'hommeaux	W3C
Dan Brickley		W3C
Jeen Broekstrca		Administrator	- Sesame, Phd Student
Dave Becket - Redland	ILRT
Daniel Connolly		W3C		- hack with cwm, explore boundtry between RDF Query and XML Query
Tim Berners-Lee		MIT/W3C		- cwm command line test manifest
Libby Miller		ILRT - SQUISH, ResultSet, measure of interop
Matt Biddulph		BBC	- personal time hacking. php script to convert to SQL
Nick Bassiliades	Aristotle Univ	- RDF data to CLIPS object. ODP data. deductive rule lang extending CLIPS
Alison Stevenson	UnivSouthampton - IT Innovser		CIS, TU-Berlin	- distr metadata resources to work with each other. wrapper for google.
Sandro Hawke		W3C		- DAML joint committe discussing DQL
Nick Gibbins		UnivSouthampton	- work on 3store
Brian McBride		HPLabs		- Jenna, chair RDF Core
Mike Dean		BBN		- BBN, DQL JC + prototype memory mapped DAML-DB, want to use someone else's QL
Samppa Saarela		Helsinki Univ - samanitc computing group. RDQL and Jenna
Jardslaw Skwarek	Tietoenator
Wolf Siberski		Univ Hanover	siberksi@learninglab.ed	- connect RDF data stores on a p2p network.
Avi Bernstein		Univ Zurich	- business process handbook. service retrieval and matching. Process Query Lang
Benjamin Grosof		MIT
Eric Miller		W3C
ation Center, GRID projects. cultural heritage.. 
Dennis Quan		IBM	- haystack, built on top of RDF. need small, efficient queries to be handled quickly and need much expresivity. bent: need more than one lang
Andy Seaborne		HP	- work on haystack, think there will be multiple levels of query expressiveness
Steve Harris		UnivSouthampton	- RDQL OKBC
Alberto Reggioro	@Semantics	- RDF store
Alexander L

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