RE: What is an Ontology? [was: daml-ont]

> then that axiom will not fire because ...

I'm dumb.  I was assuming, no doubt incorrectly, that
this was the only axiom for import.

> If the ontology is fetched via some other URI - lets say
> for some reason the client fetches the page using 
>  Should the semantics of an
> ontology change because a different protocol was used to
> access it?

Dumb again.  The semantics haven't changed.  There's a global
renaming going on.  We have:


and an axiom:

   equivalentTo(?uriX, ?uriY)
/\ consistsOf(?z, ?uriX, ?fragment)
=> equivalentTo(concat(?uriX, ?fragment)
                concat(?uriY, ?fragment))

where consistsOf(x,y,z) means x consists of the base URI y with
fragment id z.

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