TODO++: daml-ont TallThing

"McBride, Brian" wrote:
[...stuff I already answered omitted...]

> There are a couple of minor nits in the example ontology:
> 1) Father is desribed as having range Man, but presumably
>    inherits domain Animal from Parent.  Mother is similar.

I don't quite see what problem you're pointing out.
Sorry if I'm being dense.

> 2) TallThing is omitted from the annotated version.

Right... OK... I hereby cons this to the rest
of my TODO list:
aka (working around an NS4 bug...
archived at

bind default <>
<> is mailbox of 
  [a Person; called "Dan Connolly";
  affiliation [ a Consortium; called "W3C";
	     homePage <> ];
  homePage <>;

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