Re: AW: uml to rdf converter

>I believe the original poster needs is an XMI > RDFS/OWL transformer,
>possibly in XSLT. ...

Two tools are currently available to translate from the XMI output from 
Poseidon into OWL in RDF/XML form.  They are exff from Eurostep [1] and
DUET [2] from AT&T.  exff was a proof of concept and thus isn't fully
functional.  However, it produces something pretty close to RDFS.  If that
is your target, then it might be a better starting point.  DUET preserves
more of the semantics of the model through the translation, but that 
exploits more of OWL's expressivity.  DUET also has a primitive user 
interface, so it may require some work to use.

>...Anyone interested in working something out? I mean,
>all we need is probably a document describing the mappings on some CVS
>then anyone can start implementing the mappings using the tool of choice
>(XSLT, SAX whatever).
>If we could break this in small parts it would be easy to contribute.
>I'm sure we could all find coo ways of reusing such converters...

I had been working on a mapping document as described above.  Hopefully, 
these emails will bump the priority of this work.


Evan K. Wallace
Manufacturing Systems Integration Division

[1] exff
[2] DUET

Received on Tuesday, 16 November 2004 15:46:29 UTC