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MessageI can explain why I don't/can't.  Using LaTeX and then dvips, then ps2pdf in a Linux environment to create a document I do not know of a way to embed these properties.  If someone does I would be interested.

Thanks, I'll not take it personally.

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  Adobe pdf is one of the first (the only?) commercial implementation of sem web techniques and offers document properties embedded in rdf. It is therfore amusing to note that nobody in the sem web community bothers to fill in the document properties in a pdf document. Is there a reason for this?

  BTW apologies to R. Lennox - I could have made the same remark about the last dozen sem web pdfs I have opened.. 

  Neil McNaughton
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    Apologies if you recieve this more than once.


    Over the last acedemic year I have been creating an RDF based data model for Bibliographic data.  I now have a version 1.0, provisionally called Bibligraphic Record Schema (BRS).  I have produced a document (attached) that is a description of the format in the form of a user guide.  This is based on the RDF/XML syntax to attract users who may have basic knowledge of XML but no idea about RDF.  I would be grateful if you could take a look through and comment on it.

    Many thanks

    Richard Lennox


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