ANN: RAP 0.8 released including a RDF NetAPI implementation similar to Joseki

Hi all,

we released RAP - RDF API for PHP V0.8. The new version includes:

+ an RDF NetAPI server similar to the Joseki RDF server
+ updated RDF, N3 and RDQL parsers
+ multiple bug fixes.

The new RAP NetAPI server supports:

+ Serving multiple database or file backed RDF models
+ RDQL queries using HTTP GET
+ FETCH queries using HTTP GET
+ SPO queries using HTTP GET
+ ADD operation using HTTP POST
+ REMOVE operation using HTTP POST
+ bNode closure for RDQL, FETCH and SPO
+ query result content negotiation (RDF/XML, N3 or N-Triples)

The RAP NetAPI server provides similar functionality as the Joseki RDF
server [1]. The advantage of using the RAP server is that it can easily be
run on any web server that supports PHP, like 15 million cheap public web
servers do [2]. Just drop the scripts somewhere on the server; copy an RDF
file on the server or set up a database and edit the NetAPI config files.

Installation and usage information about the RAP NetAPI server is found at:

More information about RAP is found at:

Lots of thanks to
+ Phil Dawes for the RAP NetAPI server
+ Radoslaw Oldakowski for the updated RDF and RDQL parsers
+ Gunnar AA. Grimnes and Daniel Westphal for the updated N3 parser
+ Sören Auer, Lukas Smith for multiple bug reports and fixes.


Chris Bizer

[1] Joseki Website:
[2]  PHP Usage Stats:

Received on Wednesday, 2 June 2004 05:02:21 UTC