Re: Time-sensitive resources using RDF?

On Tue, 21 Dec 2004, Danny Ayers wrote:

>On Tue, 21 Dec 2004 09:43:37 +0200, Lisa Seeman <> wrote:
>Thanks Lisa, it was actually Wei Xing at the top of the thread that's
>looking into these issues. My own relationship with time-sensitivity
>at the moment is listening to deadlines whoosh by ;-)
>> I have been looking into representing time-sensitive resources using RDF ,
>> but for a very different application - multi media resources.
>Right, yes I see time is pretty significant there. Aw, I can't find
>the link - the nearest I've encountered to this - someone, as part of
>their thesis I think, had done a neat little Java app which associated
>a piece of music with annotations over time, a like a score done in
>RDF with a graphic UI.

There is a professor in Milan who has done this - somewhere deep in my
archives I may have a link to his work - I saw it in 2000.

Dan Brickley and I also looked at annotating SMIL, so using SMIL to
provide the timestamps as URIs. Again, this was a couple of years ago at
least and I will have to look to see whether we ever wrote it up properly. I
remember explaining it on a spanish list, so I suspect that means we never
wrote up the examples and published them, but if you are familiar with SMIL
(the basic bits) then our work on annotating SVG (which is on the web) should
make it obvious what we were thinking and how we were doing it.

I think that is closer to Lisa's use case than to Wei Xing's, but I will look
up the references tomorrow (it is 3am here and I am going to bed for some
time-dependent sleep right now :-)



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