Re: Time-sensitive resources using RDF?

On Tue, 21 Dec 2004 09:43:37 +0200, Lisa Seeman <> wrote:

Thanks Lisa, it was actually Wei Xing at the top of the thread that's
looking into these issues. My own relationship with time-sensitivity
at the moment is listening to deadlines whoosh by ;-)

> I have been looking into representing time-sensitive resources using RDF ,
> but for a very different application - multi media resources. 

Right, yes I see time is pretty significant there. Aw, I can't find
the link - the nearest I've encountered to this - someone, as part of
their thesis I think, had done a neat little Java app which associated
a piece of music with annotations over time, a like a score done in
RDF with a graphic UI.

> What we have been doing is regarding a element in a resource that changing
> over time as being part of our description of the possible states of the
> resource, where time is a contrition that affects state,  and state in turn
> effects or acts as a condition type property to every other value/ property
> of the element 

This sounds very interesting, is there any more description available
(online) yet?



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