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(Apologies for multiple copies.)

Dear All,

This is an invitation to (re)visit Flink, winner of the 1st prize at the
Semantic Web Challenge of 2004 [1].

Flink is a visualization of the social networks of the Semantic Web
community. Information about researchers and their relationships is
extracted from the Web, FOAF profiles, emails and publications. Flink
itself uses Semantic Web technology to represent, store and reason with
metadata. For more information, please see the About section of the

I encourage those who have seen or visited Flink before to take a second
look due to the significantly extended scale of the application since the
Semantic Web Challenge of this year. Emails from three mailing lists have
been added as well as over 4000 Semantic Web-related publications from
Google Scholar [2]. The amount of FOAF data collected also increased ~100

Further new features:

-- New domain name for the application: http://flink.semanticweb.org.
Special thanks to Stefan Decker and Benjamin Nowack.

-- All publications and emails have now links to the original source on
the Web. This means that Flink has also become a more conveninent way to
browse Google Scholar for Semantic Web related publications or to review a
researcher's contributions to different mailing lists.

-- The FOAF export is now tidy and ready to be used as a basis for one's
own FOAF profile

-- Flink now treats foaf:knows relations as undirected links. The web
mining component has been adjusted accordingly: it now also returns
relations that are significant for one person but not for another (e.g.
student - professor relationship).

-- A guestbook has been added. All feedback are welcome!

Happy holidays,

Peter Mika
Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam

[1] http://challenge.semanticweb.org
[2] http://scholar.google.com

Received on Tuesday, 21 December 2004 10:48:31 UTC