Yahoo RSS Media

Yahoo, in the context of their video search service, have just
proposed an RSS 2.0 module "Media RSS" [1,2] through which publishers
(anyone) could point to media resources, with a little metadata, and
have it picked up by their engine. They're not using RDF (yet!), but
in the same way RSS 2.0 can have a very direct mapping through RDF/XML
with RSS 1.0, so potentially could Yahoo's extension. Spec is at [2],
only a handful of elements & attributes are defined.

If anyone around these parts has a few spare cycles to look at this
(Suzan Foster has already sketched some possible RSS/RDF instances
[4]), and maybe try and encourage the Yahoo folks to be RDF-friendly,
there's potentially a lot of interesting data available. They do seem
to be welcoming community input. I'm guessing the best approach would
be to present this (as Suzan in effect has) as a new RDF vocabulary,
but it would be interesting and potentially useful to see which of the
elements and attributes are already covered in existing vocabs.

Related links below, [5] is the mailing list (only 56 messages to date!).




Received on Tuesday, 21 December 2004 09:58:15 UTC