OWL annotated AIFB portal

*** Overview

We would like to annouce the SEmantic portAL (SEAL) of the Institute 
AIFB at the University of Karlsruhe. 

Besides regular pages for human consumption, this portal also 
provides annotated pages which contain machine processable content in 
form of OWL annotations.

[1] is not only a reference point for finding information about our 
SEAL, but also can be taken as a starting point to explore the 
capabilities of the portal by example links. Of particular interest 
might be the download of the complete OWL annotations in one ".owl" 
file (~2MB).

*** OWL annotations

The OWL Web Ontology Language [2] is designed for use by applications 
that need to process the content of information instead of just 
presenting information to humans. OWL is a W3C Recommendation and 
facilitates greater machine interpretability of Web content than that 
supported by XML, RDF, and RDF Schema (RDF-S) by providing additional 
vocabulary along with a formal semantics.

Throughout the portal information about 
 - Persons,  
 - Publications or 
 - Projects 
are retrieved from a relational database and presented to the user by 

Such sites are also annotated by machine-understandable descriptions 
according to the SWRC (Semantic Web Research Community) ontology [3]. 
Both XHTML files and annotations are interlinked by the <link 
rel="meta"> tag. In addition, you may view the automatically 
generated information by clicking on the "OWL/RDF" button on pages 
about Persons, Publications or Projects. The button is located at the 
bottom of each annotated page.

The annotations have been successfully tested with OilEd 3.5.7 and 
Protege 3.0 beta, OWL Plug-In Version 1.3, Build 212. All of them 
validate correctly against OWL Lite according to the WonderWeb OWL 

Note that we use the OWL DLP (Description Logic Programs) fragment 
[4] for the annotations, which is a subset of OWL Lite. Its 
expressivity is equal to Datalog while keeping as much of the 
Description Logic primitives as possible.

*** General Architecture

For further information about the general architecture please cf. to 
our SEAL approach [5].

*** References

[1] About the AIFB SEAL

[2] W3C OWL recommendation

[3] SWRC ontology


[5] Jens Hartmann, York Sure. An Infrastructure for Scalable, 
Reliable Semantic Portals. In: IEEE Intelligent Systems 19 (3): 58-
65. May 2004. 

 Dr. York Sure
 Institute AIFB, University of Karlsruhe (TH)
 phone: +49 (0) 721 608 6592

Received on Tuesday, 21 December 2004 09:38:39 UTC