OWL newbie Question

Hello out there,
I am currently trying to perform my first steps in the OWL world. Since 
searching for a simple and useful example I want to build up the ACM 
classification index in OWL. My approach is to express each  classification 
entry as an owl:class concept, relating them via rdfs:subClassOf. That is 
pretty simple. However the ACM classification index encodes references 
between certain entries too (e.g. B.2.3 ["Reliability, Testing, and 
Fault-Tolerance Reliability, Testing, and Fault-Tolerance"] is related to B.8 
["Performance and Reliability"]) . So my question here is how to model those 
references in OWL. I believe using the equivalentClass construct is not 
appropriate, because those classes have not same instances. 
Could anybody give me an enlightening idea please?

thanks in advance 

Michael Engelhardt


Received on Wednesday, 8 December 2004 11:42:12 UTC