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There are reasons for and against representing topics as classes and
relating them via subClassOf. Natasha Noy at Stanford has written a
useful overview of the issues which you may want to look at. I'm offline
and don't have the reference to hand but I think it's entitled "Using
Classes as Property Values" and can be found on the W3C website

In the SEKT project ( we are also looking at the
ontological representation of a document classification scheme and other
associated metadata in the context of a Digital Library case study. If
you are interested, email me off-list for a further discussion.

John Davies. 

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Subject: OWL newbie Question

Hello out there,
I am currently trying to perform my first steps in the OWL world. Since
searching for a simple and useful example I want to build up the ACM
classification index in OWL. My approach is to express each
classification entry as an owl:class concept, relating them via
rdfs:subClassOf. That is pretty simple. However the ACM classification
index encodes references between certain entries too (e.g. B.2.3
["Reliability, Testing, and Fault-Tolerance Reliability, Testing, and
Fault-Tolerance"] is related to B.8 ["Performance and Reliability"]) .
So my question here is how to model those references in OWL. I believe
using the equivalentClass construct is not appropriate, because those
classes have not same instances. 
Could anybody give me an enlightening idea please?

thanks in advance 

Michael Engelhardt


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