Re: named graphs

Hi Phil,

> I'm getting to the point where I need to start including provenance
> information in response to queries. I was wondering where the whole
> standardisation process is wrt named graphs.
> - Does the trix proposal represent current thinking in this field?

The current status quo of the trix work is described in

Beside of TriX, there is also a N3-like syntax for Named Graphs called TriG,

>    - e.g. is the standardised model likely to be radically different
>    to its multiple closed-graphs approach?
> - Are there any triple stores that support the notion of named
> graphs internally? (i.e through the api)

There are no implementations yet, but it is planned to implement Named
Graphs as an extension to Jena 2 (Jeremy is to one to ask about details

> - Has there been any work on query languages supporting querying
> across graphs?
> e.g.
> select ?foo, ?bah
> from <grapha>, <graphb>, <graphc>
> where (...)

There are two query languages for Named Graphs RDFQ and TriQL  (Both not implemented yet)

I guess Jeremy, Pat and Patrick might also answer later ...



Received on Friday, 30 April 2004 07:38:59 UTC