Re: named graphs

Realistically I think you're looking at quite a while before there is 
any real useable software. Even longer before there are specs, rather 
than some ideas that a few of us have put together

Phil Dawes wrote:

> Hi All,
> I'm getting to the point where I need to start including provenance
> information in response to queries. I was wondering where the whole
> standardisation process is wrt named graphs.
> - Does the trix proposal represent current thinking in this field?
>    - e.g. is the standardised model likely to be radically different
>    to its multiple closed-graphs approach?

who knows? Standardization is about getting buy-in from most or all the 
players. The current state of the TriX work is that it has explicit 
buy-in from four individuals - that's a long way short of a standard!

> - Are there any triple stores that support the notion of named
> graphs internally? (i.e through the api)

If you're needing to be shipping code, your best bet would be to go with 
any quad or reification solution (that has tackled the inefficiency 
problems, such as Jena's), but use that in a way that conforms with the 
papers that Chris pointed to - there is also a modified version of the 
RDF Triples in XML paper that I should make publically available.

> - Has there been any work on query languages supporting querying
> across graphs?
> e.g.
> select ?foo, ?bah
> from <grapha>, <graphb>, <graphc>
> where (...)
> Cheers,
> Phil


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