XML Europe 2004 -- Call for Participation

(I'm hoping to see us build on the excellent semantic web oriented
presentations we had last year.  Please feel free to pass this CFP on to
other forums you think will be interested and to which we have not yet
announced. -- ED)

XML EUROPE 2004 -- "Documenting the Future"

Call for Participation -- http://xmleurope.com/2004/call.asp

XML Europe takes place 18-21 April at the RAI Centre in Amsterdam. XML
Europe 2004 provides the premier European forum for the XML community,
spanning the worlds of electronic business, publishing, the Internet,
e-government, software and open standards development.

This year's conference takes as its theme "Documenting the Future,"
reflecting the key role XML plays in capturing an ever-increasing
portion of our lives -- whether business transactions, our interactions
with government, or our creative endeavours. At XML Europe, those
responsible for shaping our electronic future will meet, collaborate and
exchange ideas.  Read more at http://xmleurope.com/2004/about.asp

For more information on ways to participate at XML Europe 2004, please
visit our Call for Participation, http://xmleurope.com/2004/call.asp.
Presentation proposals are currently being accepted. Deadline is 5
January 2004.

Edd Dumbill -- more from me at http://usefulinc.com/edd/blog/
Managing Editor, XML.com, XMLhack.com; Chair, XML Europe 2004

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