Re: making statements about a graph

Steve Harris <> wrote:

> The RDF provided mechaism for reification is pretty messed up IMHO.

This reminds me that I never saw a clear statement explaining why it
was messed up. I want to use it for voice recognition, to express
confidence values for assertions:

<utterance id="u1">chat</utterance>

  <rdf:Resource rdf:nodeID="r1" rdf:about="#u1" dc:language="EN"/>
  <rdf:Resource rdf:nodeID="r2" rdf:about="#u1" dc:language="FR"/>

  <rdf:Resource rdf:about="#r1" foo:confidence="65%"/>
  <rdf:Resource rdf:about="#r2" foo:confidence="35%"/>

Anything broken with that? Or is it just a problem that introducing
uncertainty could mess up first-order logic (something I don't really
care about, I think)


Received on Thursday, 6 November 2003 05:30:07 UTC