Re: making statements about a graph

Steve Harris wrote:

> Some RDF engines (including mine, 3store) record the source of each
> triple against an RDF context. RDF itself doesnt specify a way of doing
> this, except arguably reification, but I dont think many people would
> recomment you use that.
> [...]
> Caveats:
> [...]

They're fine; thinking about this, I was meandering off into quads
ot context URIs, or some other extension...

Otherwise tho'  being able to make statements about a graph is a 
major use-case atm for me. But there  doesn't seem to be any legal 
while sane way to do this - reflection/reification is not how I want 
to go about it, even if I was sure the semantics would pan out 
(reification to identify a graph?).

Bill de hÓra

Received on Wednesday, 5 November 2003 13:13:36 UTC