Re: call for alpha testers EulerSharp for dotgnu/pnet

--- Jos De_Roo <> wrote:
> > Thanks,
> you're welcome Mike
> > maybe we can find a savannah page for this?  We need a cvs.
> > Otherwise we can host it under one other project.
> dunno what a savannah page is, but don't mind
> I think it's up to you here to come up with
> a good proposal ;-) is a project hosting system, 
the best thing woul be for you to register with them, and request a
hosting space for the project. If you would like, I can handle this for

> > I would like to use this to process the RDF from the gcc, inside
> the
> > gcc,
> sounds good!
> thoughts about other testcases?
yes, I still need to test! I have not tried all the tests, but 
I will setup a makefile and test driver.

> (preferably using proofs)

This is what i need to learn more about, to be honest, I dont fully
grok the CWM/Euler software, I just know it is what i need.

> >  For embedding the Euler into the GCC, i need only GPL modules.
> > I would like to re-licensed Euler under the GPL, is that possible?
> what really matters to me is "W3C SOFTWARE NOTICE AND LICENSE"
> --
> and therefore I would like to follow that one
> in there I read that it
> [[
> is written so as to preserve the Free Software Foundation's
> assessment of GPL compatibility and OSI's certification under
> the Open Source Definition.
> ]]

Great, that means that I dont have to relicense it.
Lets leave that along for now, until we have cross that bridge.

But the n3 parser for example, that would be good as part of the 
dotgnu.rdf native implementation. I dont know if we can include w3c
licensed code as part of the dotgnu project. Can you give me permission
to dual license it? Disjunct under the GPL and under the w3c?

> > BTW:
> > I have just commited the updated dotgnu RDF stuff
> > you can find it here:
> > CVS: cvs -z3
> > co
> > dotgnu.rdf
> >
> > and I made a source deb :
> >
> >
> > you can find the dotgnu stuff at, I suggest using
> the
> > cvs.
> will definitely do that asap!

That rdflib is not running yet, it is just a stubbed interface. 
The n3 parsed 

James Michael DuPont

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Received on Sunday, 9 February 2003 04:20:13 UTC