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ANN: Sesame 0.7 released

From: Jeen Broekstra <jeen.broekstra@aidministrator.nl>
Date: Fri, 15 Nov 2002 11:11:00 +0100
Message-ID: <3DD4C834.5020500@aidministrator.nl>
To: www-rdf-interest@w3.org

Sesame 0.7
Storage, Inferencing and Querying Middleware for the Semantic Web

Sesame release 0.7 further improves querying and upload performance,
fixes bugs and has several interesting new features:

* Support for Oracle 9i databases.

* Support for reading and writing N-Triples and N3 in both server and
      client library.

* Fast-performing streaming RDF parsers for N-Triples and RDF/XML.

* Support for XML literals.

For a full overview of the changes and bug fixes since the previous
version, see the Release Notes below.

Sesame download:


Sesame demonstration and documentation:


OMM demonstration and documentation:


Sesame mailing lists:

- General mailinglist - sesame-interest@lists.sourceforge.net

- Developers mailinglist - sesame-devel@lists.sourceforge.net


Release Notes

Sesame version 0.7, 2002-11-15

- Added support for Oracle 9i databases:
     nl.aidministrator.rdf.sail.sql92.OracleSail. Many thanks to Holger
     Lausen for providing the code and testing it.

- Added support for adding data in N-Triples format.

- Initial release of Sesame streaming parsers for RDF/XML and N-Triples:

- Added support for configuring which RDF parser to use in web.xml.

- Added support for XML Literals.

- Added a testing package for performance and correctness testing of
     Sail implementations: nl.aidministrator.rdf.sail.test.benchmark.

- SesameClient: added support for extracting data in N-Triples and N3
     format, and for adding data in N-Triples format.

- Added optimizations to RQL engine: nested select-from-where queries
     are now optimized as well. Query evaluation time for nested queries
     is significantly lower.

- Added simple P2P implementation of Sesame: nl.aidministrator.rdf.p2p.
     See htdocs/WEB-INF/system.conf.example for example configuration.

- Truth Maintenance Sail performance significantly improved:
       - uploading much faster due to use of optimized statement
         inferencer combined with seperate dependency inferencer.
       - removing statements much faster due to in-memory storage of
         expired statements during a transaction.

- Major code revision/improvements of the SesameClient package. See the
    javadoc for details.

- MySQLSail: datatype for literal values and namespaces changed from
     'TEXT' to 'BLOB', to allow case-sensitive matching.

- Bugfix in com.ontotext.util.SystemConfFileUpdate: did not compile with
     Java 1.4, because of use of DOM level 3 methods.

- Bugfix in SQL92Sail:
       - rdf and rdfs namespaces were sometimes mixed up.

- Bugfixes in RQL engine:
       - 'NOT' operator now has higher precedence than 'AND' and 'OR'.
       - 'in' operator now checks if second argument value is a class
       - evaluation of undefined domain and range of properties now
         handled properly in path expressions.
       - iterators in select-from-where queries sometimes produced
         NullPointerExceptions (when closed twice).

- Fixed RMI implementation:
       - a new RMI registry is now automatically spawned if it is not
       - Dynamic binding/unbinding of RMI: RMI only initialized if
         configured by user.

- Bugfixes in the NativeRdfMTInferencer:
       - iteration strategy bug: did not always produce the complete

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