RE: Taking an axe RDF in XML? (no thank you)

At 08:28 AM 5/24/02 +0100, Bill de hÓra wrote:
>Yes; the software industry is investing heavily in the XML
>'paradigm' as we all know. Telling someone, well actually you
>should be keying off this abstract metadata standard instead of the
>angle brackets, will meet with hostility and possibly derision;
>emotionally it's not the right approach. One suggestion then is to
>let them work directly off an XML serialization and keep the RDF
>Graph and MT aspects properly abstracted away. For reasons
>mentioned, this is preferable to tweaking a language into upward

Reading this makes me think we're closer in our viewpoints than the debate 
indicates.  It fairly closely reflects what I'm suggesting.

I'm not arguing for any language tweaking at all, simply showing that 
disciplined use of an existing language can yield greater long-term 
benefits for very little immediate cost.


Graham Klyne

Received on Friday, 24 May 2002 06:50:15 UTC