Re: Taking an axe RDF in XML? (no thank you)

[Bill de hÓra

> I humbly suggest that if a XML syntax is developed, a simple not a
> clever one, you'll see the tools and people modelling RDF because
> they have the tools, within six months of that syntax being
> uploaded. Clear this barrier to adoption and the only thing that
> can hold back RDF then are the innate complexity of RDF graphs or
> the innate inability of RDF developers to ship One-Oh code, neither
> of which I suggest are the barriers purported. Otherwise short of a
> killer app, RDF will remain a fringe or sleeper technology while
> the world carries on with the likes of WSDL, XMLSchema, XMI or the
> Model Driven Architecture.

OK, Bill, how about this, to give a focal point.  Create an RDF version of
the xml syntax for Touchgraph.  This should be very easy.  Then use that as
a target for a simplified version.  Touchgraph has a lot of potential - the
latest addition to the web site is called a GoogleBrowser.  After that,
there will be an accessible platform which can be the basis for a lot of
really gripping applications that will show if RDF can make them shine, and
if a new or subsetted xml syntax is all that useful in practice.


Tom P

Received on Thursday, 23 May 2002 20:37:19 UTC