RE: New WD's published

Just in time for the weekend ;-)

One thing I've noticed so far - the SVG images in the Primer are a little
errm, left-field, e.g.

<ellipse cx="-451" cy="188" ...

- not visible with IE6 + ASV3 without zooming out.

It's great to see the SVG in there though - there are things to be said
about the availability of tools (for RDF, SVG) and eating dogfood in
relation to this, but you know what I mean and I can't be bothered ;-) (it
is midnight)


Danny Ayers
<stuff> </stuff>

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>Subject: New WD's published
>We are pleased to announce the following recently published Working Drafts
>from the RDFCore Working Group.
>The following documents published in the past couple days:
>RDF Primer
>RDF Model Theory
>RDF Vocabulary Description Language 1.0: RDF Schema
>RDF Test Cases
>accompanied with the recently published 2002-03-25
>RDF/XML Syntax Specification (Revised)
>constitute the primary deliverables of the RDF Core Working Group.
>The RDF Primer provides the fundamentals required to use RDF in
>applications. The  RDF/XML Syntax Specification document updates the
>grammar in the Resource Description Framework (RDF) Model and Syntax
>Specification in terms of the XML Infoset and RDF Model Theory. RDF Model
>Theory Working Draft specifies model-theoretic semantics for RDF and RDF
>Schema. RDF Schema is a revision of the RDF Schema Candidate
>of March 27 2000, defines a basic vocabulary which enable communities to
>declare and relate RDF vocabularies. RDF Test Cases provide a documented
>set of examples that correspond to technical issues the Working Group is
>Comments on these documents, should be sent to
>This is the preferred method of providing feedback. Implementors are
>particularly encouraged to supply the results of running their tool-kits
>against the test cases. Public comments and their responses can be
>accessed at
>Brian McBride <>, HP Labs, RDF Core co-chair
>Dan Brickley <> (W3C/ILRT), RDF Core co-chair
>Eric Miller <>, W3C Semantic Web Activity Lead

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