New WD's published

We are pleased to announce the following recently published Working Drafts 
from the RDFCore Working Group.

The following documents published in the past couple days:

RDF Primer

RDF Model Theory

RDF Vocabulary Description Language 1.0: RDF Schema

RDF Test Cases

accompanied with the recently published 2002-03-25
RDF/XML Syntax Specification (Revised)

constitute the primary deliverables of the RDF Core Working Group.

The RDF Primer provides the fundamentals required to use RDF in 
applications. The  RDF/XML Syntax Specification document updates the 
grammar in the Resource Description Framework (RDF) Model and Syntax 
Specification in terms of the XML Infoset and RDF Model Theory. RDF Model 
Theory Working Draft specifies model-theoretic semantics for RDF and RDF 
Schema. RDF Schema is a revision of the RDF Schema Candidate Recommendation 
of March 27 2000, defines a basic vocabulary which enable communities to 
declare and relate RDF vocabularies. RDF Test Cases provide a documented 
set of examples that correspond to technical issues the Working Group is 

Comments on these documents, should be sent to 
This is the preferred method of providing feedback. Implementors are 
particularly encouraged to supply the results of running their tool-kits 
against the test cases. Public comments and their responses can be accessed at

Brian McBride <>, HP Labs, RDF Core co-chair
Dan Brickley <> (W3C/ILRT), RDF Core co-chair
Eric Miller <>, W3C Semantic Web Activity Lead

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