RE: Specifing language direction in RDF

[One aspect ...]

> Running in Jena should get you the necessary namespace in the XML
> literal.  M&S is currently somewhat underspecified. On Tuesday the RDF
> Core decided to use XML Canonicalization in some way to specify that
> the namespace is part of the XML literal in an example such as this. I
> am working on the details.

> Sorry you have completly lost me here,


While ARP is not perfect in this regard, it did do an OK job with your

The important literal got turned into:

<xhtml:span xmlns:xhtml=""
xhtml:dir="ltr">Chris Croome's home page</xhtml:span>

(I added the newline).
Notice that the xmlns:xhtml attribute is not in the orignal XML file, at
least not in that location. It is wholly unclear from M&S whether this is
correct or not. It is the intention of the current RDF Core WG to clarify
what is correct behaviour in this case.


Received on Monday, 4 March 2002 04:34:07 UTC