Re: Objects as RDF subgraphs

I'm working on something maybe similar - tho' it's going slower than I'd 
like because of other distractions - which aims to map bits of RDF into a 
frame-like structure using an RDF-encoded description.  I don't have 
anything fit to publish yet, but we could swap ideas if that's helpful (I'm 
UK based, down the M4 from Bristol).


At 12:47 PM 7/17/02 +0100, Damian Steer wrote:
>I'm about to start work on an(other) rdf browser. The idea is to
>present rdf data in a 'coarse grained' way - eg vcard data as a box
>containing name, tel no, photo etc.
>The tricky bit will be the coarse graining. I'm considering
>auto-generating classes which will pick out sub-graphs of an
>underlying rdf model.
>The question is - how? It seems like the best thing to use would be an
>rdf query to a) express what subgraphs the class 'wraps' and maybe b)
>represent the fields of the class.
>eg for rdfDB [1] style queries the 'WHERE' clause corresponds to a)
>and the SELECT clause (maybe) gives b).
>I'm a lazy guy, so is anyone else doing something similar, or know of
>similar projects? I've been looking at neoom [2] (thanks keo) and MDL
>[3] (thanks danbri).
>The problem of wrapping seems to crop up quite alot in rdf apps so any
>work would help poor hackers. It also seems to relate to data
>validation (eg Schemarama [4]).

Graham Klyne

Received on Sunday, 21 July 2002 06:05:49 UTC