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Subject: Daml Mode for EMACS
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This is a nice module from burstein@bbn.com.


This is the beta release of the DAML mode for the Emacs editor. For more
information about the DAML language and the semantic web see The DAML
Program Web Site.
Anyone who has tried to write DAML ontologies in a text editor will
recognize that it requires a lot of typing, and that reading and moving
around in such files can be tedious. This is (hopefully) a step in the
direction of addressing those problems. DAML-EMACS is a "mode" for use with
the EMACS text editor, not unlike the modes for C++, Java, LateX, LISP and
HTML... that existed previously. It provides automatic fontification to make
the code easier to read, commands to insert new forms to be filled out, and
keyboard commands for moving about the file in logical DAML/RDF or XML

Sources are linked.



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