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> I 
> was wondering what the views of the CC/PP and DAML-S folks 
> were on this, as presumably if this were the case (and 
> allowing for substitution of 'service' for 'agent', which I 
> think is acceptable in this context) then DAML-S is also 
> reinventing the CC/PP wheel.


Probably not. CC/PP is a domain model for device capabilities (if it's
generally applicable beyond devices, that would be a coincidence of
sorts). Even if DAML-S is reinventing the wheel, that's probably fair
game since CC/PP hasn't been so widely deployed (happy to be corrected
on that nonetheless, certainly I'm not aware of much code that can
reason about CC/PP). There are more than a few systems out there that
are keying off the UA string to do CC/PP's job. That wouldn't be case
for DAML-S if we could normatively link it in with WSDL, which I hope
will be done.

Bill de hÓra



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