Re: SWAG: What should the SWAG dictionary include?

From: "Joshua Allen" <>

> > > You are not alone ... SethBot is listening ...
> Are you guys serious?  Seth is really a *bot*?!?!  Whoever put that one
> together is pure genius!  :-)

Well not actually, you missed an important part of the message:

SethBot is [Seth (masquerading as) SethBot].

But some will criticize that construction as saying that Seth is a statement
(I need to fix that) ... but, shucks, I suppose it would depend on what 'is'

For those wanting to know what I think this is all about access Aaron's news
server news:// and read the message from

But some day soon ...

Seth a Person;
     name "Seth Russell;
     (wants to show you),,
Mentographs madeWith

Received on Wednesday, 28 February 2001 01:55:41 UTC