RE: [syndication] ANN: RDFnet Newsgroups

Here's a servlet that will return the NNTP info as XML via HTTP.

Viaw as XML

View as HTML

If you use this, don't abuse the server please...
If you want more robust abilities, I'll find a place for the servlet.


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> Sent: Saturday, February 24, 2001 8:04 PM
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> Subject: [syndication] ANN: RDFnet Newsgroups
> There's been some talk about alternate ways to distribute 
> RDF/RSS using
> other Web protocols like NNTP. There was even a discussion 
> about perhaps
> starting a newsgroup on USENET. I don't know if anyone ever 
> actually did
> that, but to bypass the process (or perhaps jumpstart it) 
> I've set up an
> rdfnet newsgroup hierarchy on my own server:
>     news://*
> Currently there are two groups: rdfnet.rss and 
> I'm willing to
> add more as uses are suggested.

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