Changes to the W3C's RDF sandbox

This is a FYI for those who use the W3C's RDF sandbox/playground 
(aka the online SiRPAC service):

Art Barstow

o The service now uses version 1.7.4 of GraphViz - AT&T's graph 
 generation tool:

o Support for the following graph formats was added (see Graph
 format): PNG, SVG, PostScript, HP-PCL (Laserwriters) and HP-GL 
 (pen plotters). The images for these formats are available via 
 a link [not embedded in the page]. 

o The SVG support is "minimal".  A nice enhancement would be to
 make all resources path elements and thus links.  However,
 with SVG, it is possible to zoom in/out on a graph.  

 My sparse SVG testing was done on Linux using the Batik SVG

 Other SVG implementations are documented at:

 The SVG files are served as image/svg.

o It is possible to choose that NO graph be generated (see
 Graph format).  I encourage using this option if you suspect 
 that the graph will be too large to be useful.  [Some very
 crude testing indicates that the time to generate the graph
 can be significantly greater than the time to generate the
 triple table.]

o If you're interested in GraphViz's DOT file, you can select
 an option that will allow you to download it.

o All image files and DOT files are removed after 24 hours.
o The service has been moved to a new more powerful server.  Of
 course, that should be transparent to the users but if you see 
 some weird/strange/unexplained behavior, please contact me.

Received on Friday, 23 February 2001 07:36:14 UTC