ANNOUNCE: RDF Gateway v.0.1 technology release

Intellidimension, Inc. ( announces a technology release of  RDF Gateway v.0.1

A technology release of the Windows version of RDF Gateway is available for download at RDF Gateway is an RDF-based semantic query service for distributed data. The query service uses RDFQL, a simple SQL-style language with inference extensions to perform complex deductive queries. Queries can be executed over a wide range of dynamic data by connecting to one or more Data Services. Data Services expose structured data as a collection of RDF statements. The release contains Data Services for File Systems, RDF Memory Repositories, RDF  Database Repositories, OLEDB Providers and RDF Files. The query service is exposed to applications via an ADO/OLEDB interface.

Please check it out and let us know what you think.


Geoff Chappell

Received on Thursday, 22 February 2001 14:44:45 UTC