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            The Thirteenth IEEE International Conference on 
                   Tools with Artificial Intelligence

                            November 7-9, 2001
                              Dallas, Texas



The IEEE Conference on Tools with Artificial Intelligence is envisioned to 
foster the creation and transfer of ideas relating to artificial intelligence 
among academics, industry, and government agencies. It focuses on
that can add the development of AI, as well as the demanding issues involved 
in turning these methodologies into practical tools. Thus, this conference 
encompasses the technical aspects of specifying, developing, and evaluating 
theoretical and applied mechanisms that can serve as tools for developing 
intelligent systems and pursuig artificial intelligence applications. 

Additional Information about the conference can be found in the 
conference web page:

Submission Guidelines:

Authors are requested to submit a double-spaced manuscript in electronic 
form (pdf or postscript) to the Program Chair ( 
The manuscript should be in English, maximum 20 pages, including an abstract 
and a list of subject areas. The submission deadline is June 15, 2001. 
Each submission must report an unpublished original work and be accompanied 
by a cover letter that indicates the contact authors and appropriate subject 
areas that the paper can be classified under.
Authors will be notified of acceptance by July 10, 2001 and will be given 
instructions for camera-ready versions of their papers at that time. 
Outstanding papers will be eligible for publication in the International 
Journal on Artificial Intelligence Tools and for receiving the C. V. 
Ramamoorthy Best Paper award. 
Panel organizers are requested to submit a panel proposal consisting of a 
position statement and a list of panelists to the program chair by June 5, 
2001. Panel organizers will be notified of acceptance by by June 30, 2001. 

Important Dates:
              June 15, 2001:         Full Papers due
              July 10, 2001:         Notification of acceptance
              August 25, 2001:       Author registration due
              August 25, 2001:       Camera Ready papers due
              November 7-9, 2001:    ICTAI 2001 Conference

Conference Officials:

		General Chair: Arvind Bansal (Kent State U.)
		Program Chair: Dan Moldovan (Southern Methodist U.)

		Steering Committee:
				N. Bourbakis (Wright State U.)
				C.V. Ramamoorthy (U. of California, Berkeley)
				J. Tsai (U. of Illinois, Chicago)
				B. Wah (U. of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)

		Program Committee:
				F. Bastani (U. Texas Dallas, USA)
                                D. Cook (U. Texas Arlington, USA)
                                F. Golshani (Arizona State University, USA)
				G. Gupta (U. Texas Dallas, USA)
                                B. Hamidzadeh (U. British Columbia, Canada) 
                                S. Harabagiu (Southern Methodist U., USA)
			        R. Rao Kotagiri (U. of Melbourne, Australia)	
                                S. Maiorano (USA) 
                                B. Manaris (College of Charleston, USA) 
                                Miura (Kyoto University, Japan) 
                                H. Vafaie (Logicon Federal Data, USA) 
                                M. Simina (Tulane University, USA) 
				V. Tam (National University of Singapore)
                                T. Yukawa (NTT, Japan) 
                                W. Zadrozny (IBM, USA)) 

		Publicity Chair: 
				E. Pontelli (New Mexico State U.)

		Registration Chair:
				N. Bourbakis (Wright State U.)

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