Re: What are allowable property URIs?

Jonathan Borden <> wrote:

> Rather than continue to spin our wheels on this issue, can you give a
> specific example of a problem with my proposal i.e. a specific example with
> specific URIs where this creates a problem **

Yes -- you clearly solve the older problem of incompatibility with non-RDF
namespaces. However, you do not solve the newer problem recently raised that
the RDF syntax is not capable of representing the model. For example, it
cannot represent the statement:

    <urn:p> <urn:p/q/> <urn:p:asas>

This is a bit of a problem, if we expect the RDF syntax to accurately
represent the model in its entirety.

> ** note: I can think of one particular issue but I think people need to
> think this through.

Could you share the issue with us so we can think it through?

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Received on Thursday, 15 February 2001 23:13:33 UTC