Re: does RDF require understanding all 82 URI schemes?

"Sean B. Palmer" <> writes:

> > Of course the problem with using this URI for XML Schema is
> > that the URI XML Schema specifies is:
> > .
> But aren't and
> completely equivalent when it comes to
> using them for XML Schema processing?

Of course not.  The namespace URI for the current version of XML
Schema is, and that's the _only_
namespace URI it has.  Adding a # on the end produces a namespace URI
which does not compare equal character for character, so is in
principle, for purposes of namespace recognition, as different as

> *Rule*: A namespace is any URI allowable in the XML Names specification.

Indeed, the one with a # on the end is a perfectly good namespace URI, 
it's just not _the_ namespace URI for XML Schema, and documents with
that as their namespace will _not_ be recognised _by XML Schema-aware
processors_ as defined in the XML Schema spec. as being XML Schemas.

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