Re: RDF IG meeting at W3C Technical Plenary 2001-02-28

Seth Russell wrote:

> > I totally agree - once querying RDF is implemented well, a whole lot of
> > things get much easier. It would be excellent to compare notes with
> > people working in this area.
> Personally I don't believe we want a query language outside of RDF .. we
> want it inside RDF.   In other words we should be able to express a
> question in RDF.  See my proposal [1] for implementing the who, where,
> when, why, what pronouns.
> [1]

If we express queries in RDF, and parse them into a Model, how does the
query engine access them in order to carry out the query?  By querying
the model...?

[ OK, I guess you'd probably only need Model.find(s, p, o), but the
circularity amuses me. 8-) ]

My first concern is that some of the proposed queries expressed in RDF
are pretty much unreadable, and extremely verbose, at least in M&S
syntax, which may partly explain why people tend to go for SQL-like
query syntax, which, after all, just expresses a graph with variables in
a cleaner way.  

(I've been very struck by the similarity between the SQL-like queries,
and N3 - I had a spooky feeling when I was playing around with some RDF
query syntax like N3, then on the same day found the pages on N3 for the
first time!)


David Allsopp.

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