example: RDF for Web server config

Another application example I sketched up some time ago when the topic
came up in Apache/Jakarta/Tomcat discussions, 1999 sometime. I was
reminded of this when fiddling around with Apache configurations
recently, and that I'd never circulated the note here. In fact, 'here'
didn't exist when I wrote it.

	"RDF for Web server config", brief note and example,

The main point this makes is that webserver configuration files contain
information that typically needs folding together with other info (about
filetree directories, document names, website descriptions and
classifications). My example mixes Dublin Core with a white pages vocab
and a  fictional vocab for describing server-related info.

BTW it visualises quite nicely with my RDFViz tool (now available c/o
http://www.rdfviz.org/) and Art's (prettier) SiRPAC grapher, both based on
GraphViz of course.

side note: This is Yet Another Trivial RDF Use Case for which one might quite
reasonably ask "but why not just use vanilla XML"? What we're all (well,
some of us) betting on is the network effect of combining data via RDF
graph merge from multiple such 'trivial' apps. I want to be able to merge
my webserver config files with document, website and white-pages
(meta)data -- P3P, DC, FOAF, RSS etc... And RDF seems the laziest way of
achieving this.

I've lost touch with the direction of the various 'XML for webserver
config' efforts; if anyone's tracking that work, feel free to point them
at this quick scribble.



Received on Monday, 5 February 2001 17:33:11 UTC