ANNOUNCEMENT: Redland RDF Application Framework 0.9.8

	       Redland RDF Application Framework 0.9.8

Redland 0.9.8 has been released and the main changes are:

* Added Tcl interface

* Added Rapier RDF parser, written by me (alpha quality) and made some
  changes to support it.  This is a slightly newer version than the
  first standalone release.

* More fixes to Perl interface to fix crashes

* Added Perl RDF::RSS method as_xhtml for simple RSS 1.0 to (X)HTML

The release consists of the full sources, RPM binaries and SRPMS
packages for RedHat Linux 6.2.  It is also available from the
Redland SourceForge mirror site at

I post updates between releases to the eGroups list at and invite you to join if you
are interested.


Received on Monday, 5 February 2001 07:01:48 UTC