RE: RDF IG meeting at W3C Technical Plenary 2001-02-28

On Sat, 3 Feb 2001, Jonathan Borden wrote:

> Dan
> >.. As chair
> > of the RDF Interest Group, I requested and received space for
> > a face-to-face meeting on Monday and Tuesday, February 26-27.
> >
> 	Can I clarify this: Is there an exact time for the F2F meeting, or is it
> intended to be all day 2/26-2/27?

We have a meeting room reserved for both monday and tuesday. There are
some informational pages around that provide a little more

I should also mention that W3C are currently evaluating responses to a
proposal for a Semantic Web Activity, including RDF specs work, that was
put to the W3C Membership recently. There's not a lot more I can say
about that at this stage, except to say that I expect discussion of future
RDF/SW work will likely be one of the main themes of the meeting.


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