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> Congrats on the Internet Draft for application/rdf+xml.
> ( Let me give a few comments.

Thanks. And thanks a lot for reading through it. I appreciate your comments.

> RFC 3023 says:
> If you follow this paragraph, you do not have to mention I18N details
> such as the BOM.

Aha! I must have missed this portion of the RFC. I have updated the HTML
version of the draft on my site.

> Second, you might want to mention XML Base.

Since the RDF spec doesn't mention it, and to my knowledge no parsers
implement it, I don't think it should be replied upon. However, perhaps I
should mention it in the interoperability considerations.

I hadn't really thought of this -- I'll send a message to the RDF list and
ask them what they think.

Thanks a lot and please send me any other comments that you have,

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