RE: N3 contexts vs RDF reification

pat hayes <> wrote:

>>Though presumably I could more generally call it "meta-metadata" - the
>>layer of statements represent data about data (metadata) - the next layer
>>considered to be data about metadata (meta-metadata), ad nauseam.
>We need a new term. How about metatadata?

I have not just invented the term meta-metadata, if that is what you are
implying.  The Object Management Group have been using the term for over a
year now.

IMHO, the OMG has produced some top quality specifications based on some top
quality ideas.  The XML family of technologies, esp. X-Protocol, RDF, UDDI,
ebXML, etc would gain alot from familiarising themselves with some of these

XML with HTTP technology has two key advantages over CORBA, simplicity and
HTTP clients & servers are already pervasive.  However, I do sometimes feel
that XML technologies lag behind and tend to re-invent the wheel because the
creators are unaware that the issues have already been addressed elsewhere.


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