RE: Linking RDF

<- > if you look back through the initial discussions on xml-dev as RDDL was
<- > being created, you will see that I initially proposed putting the RDDL
<- > resources in the XHTML head as links, much as is being proposed here.
<- > Needless to say, I was convinced otherwise. Similary MIME types are not
<- > always adequate to describe the linked resource type. This is
<- the reason
<- > behind describing a related resource by its "purpose" with
<- respect to the
<- > link and the "nature" of the related resource.

Of course I'm posting this before I've looked at the archives, but in the
RDF case won't the mimetype and URL will be enough? - shouldn't everything
within the file be fully qualified, so the grammar (purpose/nature) will be
indicated by the content & namespaces used within the RDF?

Received on Thursday, 19 April 2001 08:56:33 UTC