Re: Linking RDF

From: "Aaron Swartz" <>

>     <a href="...rdfversion.rdf" rel="rdf">...</a>

How about something like:

<a href="...sameFileNameAsResource.rdf" rel="aurthorsRdfDescription"
<img src="rdf.png" alt="RDF" width="36" height="14" border="0"/>

Covering all bases

1) link to the RDF - href=sameFileNameAsResource.rdf
2) tell the bots what it means - rel=aurthorsRdfDescription
3) tell the bots what format to expect - type=application/rdf+xml
4) tell the humans about it too - rdf.png

Did I get that right, Sean ?


Received on Wednesday, 18 April 2001 17:21:40 UTC