On Mon, 16 Apr 2001, Joshua Allen wrote:

> > > So I guess the problem is, How do we factor the XHTML
> > > validations such that the semantics of RDF become opaque?
> >
> > Yes (that's the problem).
> >
> Could we add a <metadata>...</metadata> tag and wrap it in CDATA?  Any
> other ideas?
> > is going to have to be controlled to avoid numerous proprietary
> > implementations: i.e. adding RDF to XHTML should be well scoped rather
> That's the important thing, I think - I could easily stuff RDF in the
> page right now, but it would be nice to have a way that is "the best way
> we can think of right now" so that we can stop talking and start coding.

Yes, I would *love* to have someone figure out a plausible best-practice
story for linking and embedding RDF with XHTML content.  Specifically, I
want to be able to find RSS + Dublin Core 'whats new' feeds for any
website I knowe the homepage of. Currently RSS 1.0 aggregators don't have
any standard conventions for finding new RSS feeds. Some variant on <LINK
REL="META"... sounds plausible to me, although I understand from Sean that
we'd need to define an HTML profile to do this properly. I wonder if a
variant of the 'XHTML profile for RDF site summaries'
( would do the job.

I've only just now realised that multiple profiles (a space separated list
of their URI names) can be used in HTML simultaneously[1]. So there seems
to me to be no reason  why we shouldn't proceed and define a profile that
explains the link types we want and need (ie. rel=meta, plus URIs for the
existing HTML link types).



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